Thank You.

Most candidate concession notes use euphemisms like "the results weren't what we were hoping for" or "in the end we came up short". I prefer to be more blunt: I was crushed at the polls, 64% to 36%.

Last night I called my opponent, Shelley Goodman Taub, to formally concede and congratulate her on her victory. I received a busy signal, so I texted her instead.

Thank you to my wife and son for putting up with my not being around for so much of the past six months; to the more than 240 people who supported me financially; to everyone who helped in other ways; and of course to the 12,826 residents of Birmingham, Bloomfield Hills and Bloomfield Township who voted for me.


Let's go back to the start.

Back in April, I announced that I was running for Oakland County Commissioner, District 12, with a blog post including this image of a "lawn sign concept" whipped up by my 10-year old son, Lionel.

While the final version of my logo and signs obviously ended up being slightly different, this image means more to me than anything else, because it reminds me of why I'm really doing this: Because I want a better world for my son and his generation. My wife Elisabeth and I are constantly stressing the importance of public service and helping improve things, so I decided it was time to step up and give it a shot myself.

I know very well that I'm running for office as a progressive Democrat in a heavily Republican area...but if this year has taught all of us nothing else, it's that anything can happen in politics.

I've spent the past 6 months knocking doors and talking to the residents of Birmingham, Bloomfield Hills and Bloomfield Township, and I've been pleasantly surprised to discover that there's a lot more like-minded people in this area than conventional wisdom would suggest...and that even many of those who don't see eye to eye with me on most issues seem to be at least open to considering giving me a chance.

Anyway, if you haven't already voted via absentee ballot (about 20% of the district has done so, last I checked), please make sure to get out and vote tomorrow. The stakes couldn't be higher this year.

Thank you.

P.S. The major news media will be spending nearly all of their attention on the Presidential race, along with the U.S. Senate and Congressional races. If anyone wants to see the latest results from all of the Oakland County races (including mine!), here's the direct link to the Oakland County Clerk's 2016 General Election Results page.

Formal statement regarding the latest Donald Trump revelations

There are some judgment calls which are so obviously, blatantly wrong that they defy any attempt to justify them.

I sincerely hope my opponent will publicly rescind her endorsement of Donald Trump for President, but the reality is, the day for that was the day he announced he was running.

Since then, he has said dozens of things which should have disqualified him instantly...while at the same time, dozens of other disqualifying statements and incidents from his past have been made public. My opponent has had well over a year to distance herself from him...yet she has refused to do so.

Will these latest revelations (which are hardly shocking given everything else we know about the man) FINALLY cause her to rethink her position?

Hey, look who's officially on the ballot this November!

Also, note that the straight-ticket option WILL be available after all, so anyone wishing to vote Democratic (or, alas, Republican) up & down the ticket in one shot will be able to do so.

However, don't forget to also fill out the NONPARTISAN part of the ballot, which includes judges and ballot initiatives (including the Regional Transit plan, which I fully support!)